Renewable Energy


“EMCA have played an integral part in providing P&S Civil-Works LTD with the leading edge in terms of delivering sustainable solutions with a flexible support framework that guarantees piece of mind for our site engineers and strengthens our commitment to our client base.“ Declan Mc Carthy Director P&S Civil Works LTD

“The Response Group have been working with Paul and his team at EMCA for eight years. We have forged a strong collegiate partnership based on trust and commitment to deliver a first class service. EMCA’s expertise and more importantly, their reliability, provides us with the assurance and knowledge that we can deliver to our clients at all times”. “ Tom Mc Donald General Manager Response Group


Our design team will consult and work with you at each stage of project development guaranteeing timely and cost effective delivery.



Our approach and methodology is to design the most innovative, practical and complete turnkey solution specific to your industry and your needs.

control panel turnkey

Our purpose built facility and skilled workforce ensure the highest quality electrical control panel build adhering to all industry and safety standards and regulations.


Our electrical and mechanical engineering team manage and oversee all aspects of installation including instrumentation, calibration and commissioning to ensure optimal performance.

Automate & Control
scada shot

Our software and process control team develop and implement an innovative, tailored automation and process control solution.


Our client service support team will provide operational and maintenance services including secure online access to design documentation and O&M manuals.


Waste to Energy (Landfill Gas)

EMCA have completed a design, build and collaborative project which harnesses “flared off” methane gas as a combustion source for an ImW gas engine, producing electricity and heat. This project proved to be a commercially viable option in addition to reducing the project partner’s carbon footprint.

Tidal Energy

EMCA were invited to design and develop a control and data acquisition solution for an innovative tidal energy project. EMCA were instrumental in the electrical control system design of a sub sea turbine which is currently in the testing phase off the coast of France.

Gas Digesters

EMCA are involved in the design, installation and commissioning of gas digesters in the waste water and sludge treatment plant sector. A source of electrical and thermal energy, it enables the reduction of running costs and the carbon footprint of the plants.

Photo Voltaic Telemetry Units

EMCA provide renewable energy solutions for the operation of remote telemetry and data acquisition outstations where an electrical power source is not available. These units are commonly used in the gas, oil, water and waste water and meteorological sector.